Complete Back-Office Toll Solutions

ETAN has created a complete, industry-innovative tolling back office that’s in a class of its own. Utilizing the latest in open architectures, standards and tools, FASTLane, the Financial Accountability Solution for Tolling, is built for speed, engineered for efficiency, designed for ease of handling, and provides the capacity to process millions of video transactions accurately and securely. 

When a vehicle crosses the gantry, FASTLane follows that toll until payment is secured. Every business process and every support service has been engineered for accuracy, efficiency and customer experience excellence. From transaction management that provides transparency down to the roadway, to third-party collections that achieve industry-leading results, FASTLane removes the administrative complexity and expense of managing toll transactions.

We invite you to explore these differences in greater detail and discover how FASTLane can add fuel to your toll transaction processing.