When it comes to Back Office Systems, Toll Authorities have long had to tolerate inaccurate reconciliations, inflexible software and uncollaborative vendors.  To meet today's ever-changing requirements, vendors have to retrofit archaic software platforms, some of which are based on architectures and technologies from the last century.  This has resulted in systems that are difficult to change, scale and, in general, adapt to the new world of interoperability, tolling and other transaction-based activities, such as parking and ferries.

FASTLane is designed specifically for the toll industry with the future in mind, bringing innovation to the industry and disrupting the "way it's always been done".  Surrounding the software with companion services such as collections, call center provisioning, license plate identification, image management, transponder management, skip tracing and roadway profiling, ETAN provides one of the most comprehensive, yet modular, solutions in the market. This approach is a key differentiator and one of the primary reasons we are able to provide unmatched accuracy, an exceptional operational experience for the toll provider and industry leading customer service.