Customer Service for Tolling

Every aspect of ETAN’s account management infrastructure was designed with customer experience in mind. It is supported by a comprehensive IVR and a user-friendly, mobile-enabled website that offer consumers 24×7 self-service options for managing their accounts. If more help is needed, customers can interact with agents by calling customer service, requesting a return call from an agent, via email or by USPS mail.

Uncommon Courtesy


Every time we make or take a call, our client's reputation is on the line. ETAN agents are screened for exceptional soft skills and certified through a rigorous, service-focused training program. The result is a professional team dedicated to securing payments while providing an exceptional service experience for your toll customers.

Each call is both a customer service opportunity and a chance to create a positive impression on behalf of the toll authority. Our agents understand that charge and treat all callers with courtesy and respect.

Measurable Quality


Customized scripts ensure that your communication conventions are followed and continuous quality control measurement demonstrates that customer service expectations are always being met or exceeded. In fact, we consistently achieve higher service levels and payment results than our client's own contact centers.

A Culture of Convenience


We understand that every toll authority interaction is an additional burden that drivers don’t face when using non-tolled roads. In addition to excellent live-agent support, FASTLane excels at creating a culture of convenience in all aspects of customer service. Billing communications are optimized for clarity and efficiency and designed to answer questions before they are asked. We also offer robust self-service capabilities - most inbound calls can be resolved within the 24×7 IVR system before it reaches an agent. More information and options can be offered through a branded consumer web portal, designed to integrate with our clients’ websites. Customers can access their account, change or add contact information, view each transaction, pay a bill, file a dispute, communicate with customer service and download forms. Every touch point is designed with convenience in mind, making it easy for drivers to use toll roads.