Billing & Accounting Management for Tolling

ETAN is changing the game when it comes to back office support for the tolling industry, and the name of the game is FASTLane–the Financial Accountability System for Tolling. FASTLane fills in the gaps left by legacy enterprise software offerings and piecemeal subcontracting solutions, to create the industry’s first end-to-end tolling solution.

Once a vehicle crosses the gantry, FASTLane follows that toll until payment is secured. If a transponder account has failed to replenish, or if the vehicle is not associated with an existing payment account, an invoice is sent notifying the driver that customer service is available by phone or online, and that easy payment options are available. In the event that the bill is not paid, collections efforts commence.

Every business process and every support service has been engineered for accuracy, efficiency and customer experience excellence. From messaging that is optimized to increase payments, to third-party violation collections that achieve optimal results, FASTLane offers a seamless, service-focused, billing program that removes the administrative complexity and expense of managing unpaid toll transactions.


Win-Win Solutions


ETAN’s advanced billing strategies are designed to expedite the payment process for the both the customer and for the toll authority. We ensure that all billing language and consumer-facing information is optimized for clarity and ease-of-use. Robust self-service options are offered from both the IVR and website, and live-agent availability extends into evening and weekends for customer convenience. We also provide a variety of payment options to accommodate a wide range of payer profiles.

For toll operators, we make sure that accounts are reconciled expeditiously and accurately. Financial and performance numbers are always timely and easily accessible from an intuitive reporting dashboard. Key operational variables such as touch-point management and billing timelines can adjusted quickly at the client’s request



Innovations: The Name of the Game


  • Database and operating system integration
  • Uniquely customizable interface
  • Full-function IVR
  • Branded payment portal and website integration
  • Advanced data management
  • Comprehensive reporting capability
  • Industry-leading CIS connectivity

Technology as a Strategy


FASTLane is powered by ExaCore®—ETAN’s system operations platform. This proprietary technology enables us to add volume, speed and efficiency to our client's account management operations.

ExaCore® was designed for high-capacity, high-speed processing, with special attention paid to the development of the user experience. The fact that the platform operates from a powerful, centralized database with a unique point-in-time architecture, sets FASTLane apart. Internal and external security measures are in place at every point of presence, and built in throughout the operating system, making it not only efficient, but also exceedingly safe and secure.