Transaction Management for Tolling

Powered by our uniquely flexible transaction management engine, FASTLane’s account processing platform brings unsurpassed speed and efficiency to tollways. FASTLane enables account management at the transaction level, allowing for immediate access to information, and the ability to instantly apply payments and make adjustments.

FASTLane allows for timely workflow modifications and immediate business need adaptability with our powerful Business Rules Management System. It facilitates the implementation, utilization and manipulation of operational and financial business rules, without expensive change orders and lengthy deployment timeframes.

Our technology infrastructure has been carefully designed to support the reliability, security and speed required by the toll industry and all of the markets we operate in. We use leading hardware from HP, Cisco, EMC and VMware, and backups are fully managed with disaster recovery capabilities available on request.

Advanced Processing Capability


FASTLane optimizes workflow across the customer lifecycle, but it’s advantages surpass just speed alone. Its unique “Point in Time” database architecture provides detailed account history at any given time in the past. This capability simplifies reconciliation, adjustment requests and is invaluable during audits. Processes that might take days and weeks to reconstruct in classic database environments, are reduced to minutes, creating absolute financial accountability that is attractive to bondholders.

Your Rules, Not Ours


Toll programs and processing can be completely customized to reflect our clients’ business rules and customer service conventions. FASTLane allows for flexible setup of account aging, touch point timing, the ability to completely customize the billing timeline, and the integration of plate imagery in all consumer-facing communications.

Configurable business rules governs the management of billing thresholds, account aging, fee amounts and more. Authorities are able to set, manage and change program features without expensive (and often slow) change orders.

Real-Time Reporting


FASTLane provides a comprehensive suite of transaction management tools that give clients access to detailed operational and financial data, as well as compliance and audit support. We don’t just offer daily, weekly and monthly performance management insight, we provide intuitive access to an operational dashboard with a wide variety of key performance indicators, more than 70 unique reports and data trending capability.