Collections for Tolling

Most agencies use the same recovery strategies for every account they work, but the driver/toll authority relationship is very different from the typical creditor/debtor dynamic. Businesses are different, circumstances are different, and because of that, ETAN has created a third-party collections model designed specifically for tolling.

Because of a toll authority’s unique relationship with the customer, travelers often continue to accrue charges, even as some portion of their balance goes unpaid. This requires the billing and revenue recovery processes to operate in parallel. FASTLane offers expertise in both areas, as well as an understanding of the regulatory segregation required to operate these processes simultaneously. The result is a unique process continuity that fosters operational efficiency and an outstanding customer experience.

One Size Doesn't Fit All


Beware of off-the-rack collections programs. Do you want your toll customer to be treated the same as a delinquent debtor with multiple credit cards and loans in collections? Do typical third-party tactics  work in the toll community? Make sure that the agents who represent you are able to effectively communicate your customer service culture. An agency that badgers or bullies might get the payment, but lose the customer for life.

Collections that don't Clash with Customer Service


Unlike a typical creditor/debtor scenario, travelers with unpaid balances are still your customers. You can’t prohibit their use of open-tolled roadways, they just need to pay their part. With this in mind, we have designed a tollway collections program that focuses as much on customer service and protecting the toll authority’s reputation as it does on revenue recovery.

FASTLane is quickly becoming the gold standard in third-party toll recovery. By closely coordinating billing strategies and with our collections efforts, we are bringing in record results for the authorities we serve.


Finding Programs that Suit your Business


Toll authorities need to make collections choices that complement the rest of their business processes. Some questions to ask:

  • Will the agency follow your communications conventions?
  • Are the collectors prepared to act in a customer service capacity?
  • Do agency strategies align with existing billing programs?